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If you can ignore the anthropomophic and speciesist idiocy that it is morally objectionable to kill “cute” animals (when all plant and animal species save humans are integral to evolution and planetary survival), this article speaks volumes about why humans (capitalists above all) are an evolutionary mistake and how the only measure of value in capitalism is exchange value, not the intrinsic value of life.

“Too many” elephants in Kruger National Park, South Africa?  Endangered wolves a threat to cattle and hamburger culture? Polar bears in the way of oil drilling and the energy crack fossil fuel industries supply to the denizens of the Anthropocene Era?

Simple solution: kill first, ask questions later, if at all. Kill anything in the way of “progress” (profits). The irony, of course, is that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused the survival crisis of polar bears in the first place, and now the need for more oil — access facilitated by melting ice sheets — demands the death sentence for those with barely an iceberg left to crowd onto to avoid drowning, and yet  nonetheless still “stand in the way of civilization.”

As if needed, this is still more evidence that corporations own states, governments, and the entire legal system, and that the “services” and departments such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Forest Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service protect their corporate masters not the habitats or species suggested by their Orwellian titles.

This is a stunning example of blaming the victim, and yet another decisive sign that the values and priorities of  Homo rapiens are insanely inverted, and that this species by and large does not deserve to exist and indeed with this mindset is definitely doomed. May we go out with a bang, not a whimper.


Court: Polar Bear Habitat that Interferes with Oil Drilling Has To Go

By Philip Bump, Gristmll, January 15, 2013

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Blocking Oil Drilling a Capital Crime, Genocide the Penalty!

Through a bit of evolutionary serendipity, polar bears are cute. They are big and fuzzy and have thick, dopey heads. This is helpful to the polar bears, because it’s given the animals a powerful tool in their fight for existence. “Do you want polar bears to go away?”

To which oil companies say, “Only if they’re in the way.” Last week, a federal court in Alaska overturned a Fish and Wildlife Service habitat designation for polar bears after the fossil fuel industry sued, complaining that the habitat interfered with oil exploration. From the Wall Street Journal:

A U.S. court in Alaska has overturned a federal rule aimed at protecting polar bear habitat in the Arctic, handing a victory to the oil and natural-gas industry.

The rule, established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is “valid in many respects,” but the agency didn’t follow all the legally required steps before adopting the regulation, U.S. District Court Judge Ralph R. Beistline wrote in the decision, which was dated Thursday and published Friday. …

The government designated barrier islands, offshore sea-ice and “denning” areas, where female polar bears are known to make dens where they give birth to their young during winter months, as critical habitat. At the time of the designation, in November 2010, the Fish and Wildlife Service said the areas were “essential for the conservation of the bear.”

It’s fossil fuel industries that have put the polar bear in its current plight. Rampant greenhouse gas emission and the warming that has ensued has caused Arctic ice levels to plummet. With less ice, it becomes harder and harder for bears to conserve energy and to find food. As we noted in 2007:

As sea ice thins, and becomes more fractured and labile, it is likely to move more in response to winds and currents so that polar bears will need to walk or swim more and thus use greater amounts of energy to maintain contact with the remaining preferred habitats.

The government tried to create a protected habitat, a place where bears could hunt and rest as best they could without additional interference. But unfortunately for the bears, the Fish and Wildlife Service put the reserve on land that was already inhabited: by oil. So the Alaska Oil and Gas Association and the American Petroleum Institute sued, with the oil-obsessed state’s help.

The AOGA issued a pleased-as-punch statement [PDF] in response to the court ruling, including this quote from executive director Kara Moriarty.

AOGA members care as much about protecting Alaska’s environment and wildlife as anyone else, but we also recognize the need to responsibly develop our natural resources in order to keep the state’s number one economic driver healthy.

Emphasis added, to highlight the part of the quote that is bullshit.

Even worse was the statement from Alaska’s governor. Again from the Journal:

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell said Friday that he “applauded” the court’s decision.

“The Fish and Wildlife Service’s attempt to classify massive sections of resource-rich North Slope lands as critical habitat is the latest in a long string of examples of the federal government encroaching on states’ rights,” Mr. Parnell said.

You can hear Parnell salivating as he says resource-rich. After all, he — along with every resident of Alaska — has a dog in the fight over drilling. Last year, every Alaskan received $878 thanks to the state’s Permanent Fund, which distributes profits from oil drilling to residents. More drilling equals more money for the state, meaning happier voters in Parnell’s eyes. More polar bears don’t do him much good at all.

Making the moral of the story this: Polar bears may be cute, but the faces on dollar bills are a lot cuter.

polar bear fuck humans

by Dr. Steve Best


Headline: July 12, 2011, The Independent: “Climate change could kill one in 10 species by end of the century”:

“Climate change,” writes Steve Conner, “is speeding up the rate at which animals and plants are becoming extinct. By the end of the century, one in 10 species could be on the verge of extinction because of the effects of global warming, a study has found. The findings support the view that the earth is currently experiencing a global mass extinction where the rate at which species are being lost is many times greater than the historical extinction rate. It is the sixth great mass extinction in the history of life on earth.”

So “Climate change could kill one in ten species by the end of the century.” Well, this sounds like an understatement and never forget it has already begun to kill thousands of humans and animals and already has precipitated a crisis of environmental refugees. But do be sure to make that read that Homo rapiens could be wiping out evolution at increasingly rapid rates as, of course, we caused climate change and brought about the sixth extinction crisis.

I have an odd hobby of following these reports. I have a five-foot high stack of articles I have collected in huge folders just over the last few years that I refer to as “reports from the apocalypse.” If you just poked through these files, and did nothing but look at the headlines and grasped the mounting evidence for extinction and collapse, you might not be one of the “happy shiny people” who joyously lead the charge each morning on Facebook, trumpeting the coming “Vegan Victory” against the Forces of Evil!

There is a massive global scientific consensus that ecological systems are dying and Gaia is unraveling (as glaciers melt, sea levels rise, temperatures climb, and so on), and that the quickening of change is happening more quickly than the most pessimistic feared might occur. For over twenty-five years at least, scientists have issued serious and credible “warnings to humanity” that have floated away into the winds of apathy and been clouded over with disinformation.

So lifestyle vegan passifists piss me off, on the one hand, as do the neoliberals, growth fetishists, and technoutopians who (1) minimize the reality that there are real limits to growth that we can yet reach without minimal problem, as they (2) praise the miracles of the “new green revolution” (the first one was doomed from the start and only exacerbated the solid and food crisis) or champion biotechnology, the genetic reconstruction of all existing life and cloning alleged “successful designs” (all abysmal failures so far), and (3) fail to consider that, for every one more human added to the Western elite or poverty-stricken of the undeveloped world, we will lose countless many more animals and steal even more habitat and resources necessary for the elephants, gorillas, and tigers, for instance, to live, and all are dying off before our eyes. 

I look at this crisis theory shit every day, and here is a typical sampling of recent lines in scientific reports and credible journalism:

“Parched: Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In”

“Long Droughts, Rising Seas Predicted Despite Future CO2 Curbs”

“World Sea levels to Rise 1.5m by 2100”

“Number of Strong Hurricanes Doubles Over Past 35 Years”

“Riots, Instability Spread as Food Prices Skyrocket”

“Billions Could Go Hungry from Global Warming by 2100”

“Brazil Amazon Deforestation Soars”

“Over 15,000 Species Face Extinction”

“Apes ‘Extinct in a Generation’”

“THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: It Happened to Him. It’s Happening to You”

“Both Ends of Earth Are Melting”

“U.N. Warns of Rapid Decay of Environment”

“Panel Issues Bleak Report on Climate Change”

“Save the Planet? It’s Now or Never, Warns landmark UN report”

“Humans Living Far Beyond Planet’s Means”

“Earth Can’t Sustain Humans”

Every day, I confront two key psychologically troubling facts:

(1) Almost everyone in the world is in denial as to how serious the global social and ecological crisis has become, especially if they are Panglossian “happy, shiny” lifestyle vegan spreading their facile Gospel of Truth everyday on Facebook, assuring us that “We WILL win!!” and,

(2) We will die off soon enough, perhaps over a period of decades, perhaps the agony will be prolonged for centuries, but not before we can inflict considerably more killing, violence, and destruction on one another, other species, and the planet. We might remain alive long enough to play out a ruthless Mad Max struggle for survival, or even to transform this beautiful “pale blue dot” (Sagan) into the horrifying blood-red hues of the dead planet of Mars.

I have accepted the likely imminent demise of Homo rapiens. I just hope we go out with a bang not a whimper, so biodiversity and the earth have a chance to recover and revivify with us gone. In fact, so long as we remain alive and continue to inflate our population by billions more and colonize ever-more animal habitat, as the world’s most populous nations – India and China – clamor to live the “American lifestyle (and we all know that “the earth cannot afford another United States”), I do not see anything ahead but further devastation, destruction, and decimation of all life and nature.

I do not envision a “great leap forward” from a socialist or anarchist revolution, I am near abandoning the metaphysical hope of “revolution” altogether, and I certainly do not buy into the naive myth of “the coming vegan revolution”! I do think the world will soon shift toward a vegan diet, but not due to the “successful” efforts of the global vegan education movement (a dismal failure), but rather because nature, scarcity, and escalating economic and ecological costs will impose change on humanity out of necessity, not from conscious choices, spreading “enlightenment,” and the pathetically elitist, classist, consumerist, and racist nature of vegan education and “outreach” campaigns.


I’m sorry to say, but my hunch is that what activists, education groups, and social resistance movement are now doing is all too little, too late, and we continue to lose ground. But I am not excusing apathy, hedonism, or nihilism.

I will continue to fight. Indeed I will become as “extreme” as the crisis itself and chances for resistance demand. Despite the daunting magnitude of the problem, and the pathetically inadequate attempts to understand and resolve it, there is not a fait accompli dooming this great planet and there is still much to save and preserve for nature and animals.

If we cannot learn how to live harmoniously on this planet, then we do not deserve to live at all. This is now a fundamental axiom for me.

I have come to terms with the fact that Homo sapiens is likely to go down the same evolutionary cul-de-sac as did Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo neanderthalensis.

I’ve been an activist for thirty years in countless causes and movements and had my share of disappointments in humanity. But I am a fighter, not a quitter. And so my tears, passion, anger, and the revolutionary fire that continues to rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light will never dim or die out. For while humans may be too stupid, apathetic, oppressed, fearful, and narcissistic to unite and fight, that’s no longer my principle worry or concern.

I do hope we can come together collectively, globally, and with a militant resolve, solidarity, and inclusivity (such as giving animal liberationists the respect and prominent role they deserve in all future struggles) that is as unprecedented as the task is daunting. I’m not placing any bets on the plausibility of this scenario for humans are power-oriented, violent primates and xenophobic tribalists for the most part. It’s hard enough to have a successful relationship with one person, or to run one small effective campaign, let alone to unite a myriad of competing (but ultimately common) interests in alliance, solidarity, and shared power, while fighting the real enemies in the outside world rather than one another!

And so, while I will ally with and fight for every social justice movement that merits support, I am fighting this war now principally for every animal in a cage, for every species not yet extinct, and for every ecosystem not yet poisoned, ruined, or unalterably destroyed. This way, so long as humans continue to speed down the path of self-destruction and extinction, I can take comfort in the fact that a tragedy for humans is a blessing for the planet, and that in a literally posthuman world my work, sacrifices, and struggles might have made some small, enduring difference.

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