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“The Public Prosecutor of Brescia has ordered the seizure of Green Hill, the company Montichiari (Brescia) beagle breeding dogs for vivisection laboratories, long under fire from animal rights organizations. The operation, conducted by the Forest Service, is leading to the seizure of beagle dogs, both puppies and adults, and the entire structure for a total of about 5 hectares. Among the offenses alleged mistreatment of the animals. Green Hill is at the moment under a massive police raid with dozens of  policemen, carabinieri, forest services guards and political policemen  inside the place. They are identifying and numbering all dogs, while the  structure and all the animals will be “confiscated” for “animal cruelty” charges!  This does not mean they will be directly taken out of the structure, but  they will be definitely under legal control and will not be sold until new events.  This police action will take a long time and we are waiting for news from  our lawyer. our activists are there and the press is very very interested.  we asked to be the legal representatives for the dogs after the  confiscation, while it seems at the moment the police would name representative the city council, which is openly on green Hill side. This is not the closure but is an important step in a moment where the Senate is deciding the future of this farm.” (Tino Verducci)

This is a rare and decisive victory! It will be sealed if and when this investigation is over, all remained dogs are rehomed, and Green Hill Lab is as dead as the legitimations for vivisection. Congratulations GH activists, all of Italy, all anti-vivisection abolitionists, to all the animals saved and to be saved!!! Let us savor this moment and grow stronger!


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People are asked to contact the authorities by email and request that a reputable animal rescue association take care of the dogs: procura.brescia@giustizia.it

“Conscience precedes the law” – Italian anti-vivisection activist

by Dr. Steven Best, June 16, 2012

Activists around the world need to look to Italian activists as on June 16, 2012, they converged en masse, refused to beg for crumbs, and came together 10,000 strong to demand Animal Liberation.

June 16 animal liberation rally, Rome Italy

In April 2012, Italian activists liberated beagles from Greenhill in a daring action during their last rally. And yesterday, housands of activists swarmed the streets of Rome determined to end vivisection in their country. This demonstration was the largest one yet according to campaign organizers. And in an escalation of tactics, on June 30, activists will set up camp outside Greenhill for two weeks.

Italian activists also took this opportunity show solidarity with NIO and shed global exposure on Wayne State’s dog-torturing degenerate, Donal O’Leary who is no the official global poster boy for vivisecting sadists.

It is time for American activists to model our actions after the Italians.

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