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“Interview with Steve Best,” Asinus Novus

“Steve Best in Italy: From Philosophy to Action,” by the blog (and more), Asinus Novus. The writers provided a nice summary of my talks and main ideas.

A Key Meeting,” Arielvegangfashinblogspot.com; a refreshingly intelligent, fair, and incisive essay on my work, thank you Ariel.

“Now Enough,” Barbara Balsalmo



I wish to thank everyone in Italy for inviting me to speak again this year, and for being such gracious hosts, fantastic activists. and amazing people. There are dozens, perhaps over a hundred of people who made this tour possible and joyful. I cannot possibly name them all. I do however, wish to offer a very special thank you to:

Kostia Troinia and Barbara Balsamo for inviting me and being the principal organizers of my talks in Rome. You are the best!

Marcos Aragao for your excellent photos.

VeggieChannel.com for your tremendous effort in interviewing me, taping my lectures in Turin, Rome, and Latina, and for having the courage to post my talks on your channel.

The kind women at Asinus Novus for showing enough interest in my work to summarize my talks and interview me; it was a pleasure, thank you.

Per Animalia Veritas; thank you for your activism, support, and bold defense of militant direct action!

The ReWild Cruelty Free Club; you guys rock and make the best vegan food!

Paolo Trono and his club, Vegan Città di Latina (a former abattoir transformed into a space for music, lectures, and culture!) in which I gave my final speech in the Rome area before moving north to Brescia; thank you for your kindness, the great audience, and the great free food and beer!

Piercarlo Paderno for inviting and hosting me in Brescia. You are a great new friend and did amazing work to help liberate the Greenhill dogs.

The Occupy Greenhill movement (see here and here) for their bold act of liberation that will go down in history as one of the most important actions of this century. In their post-Greenhill reorganization, the group is now called Animal Amnesty, and will keep opening chained fences and locked doors!

This talk given at the Sala Underground, Barcelona, Spain, September 26, 2012. It was a blast to perform with animal liberation bands, Major Arcana and Blendeskil!

This is a two-part video, recorded at the Turin, Italy Animal Rights Film Festival, in July 2010. It was recently broadcast on Veggie Channel.Com. The first part is an improvised talk and second is a Q&A session. My thanks to my hosts in Turin and to the excellent Veggie Channel in Italy.

Part I: Talk

Part II: Question and Answer Session

Yet another concession from the vivisection-industrial complex that militant direct action (MDA) tactics (liberation, sabotage, and intimidation) have been all too effective weapons against them. As reported in the UK blog, Animal Warfare:

“An article in the Guardian about 2 activists convicted of peaceful protest and free expression reveal some interesting admissions from those inside the vivisection industry – old school animal rights tactics work! While many peoples response will be ‘no shit’, it is a point worth re-emphasising as the movement becomes increasingly pacifistic in the UK.

The Guardian reports that `In 1981 there were 34 companies breeding laboratory animals. Today there are just three because of activists’ intimidation of staff and of companies supplying services and products to laboratories.’

This is confirmed by Andy Cunningham, a Harlan manager who admits `Part of the overall reduction in company numbers has involved consolidation of businesses, but there is no doubt that intimidation has led to the closure of many other companies.’

Replace ‘intimidation’ with ‘robust protest’ and they are totally right! The animal rights movement has the formula for success. While we must adapt to the changing legal framework we must not abandon the time-tested methodology.

We must focus our energy and get back to old school animal rights. But focus on what? Professor Roger Morris, head of bioscience at King’s College London gives us a clue `We are now down to our last three major breeders in the UK. We can manage with that, but if we lose another we will be in a very uncomfortable situation.'”

Here are some more juicy confessions:

“Because of terrorist acts by animal activists, crucial research projects have been delayed or scrapped. More and more of the scarce dollars available to research are spent on heightened security and higher insurance rates. Promising young scientists are rejecting careers in research. Top-notch researchers are getting out of the field.” Susan Paris, president of the pro-vivisection group Americans for Medical Progress

“Where the direct, collateral, and indirect effects of incidents [of sabotage] are factored together, the ALF’s professed tactic of ‘economic sabotage’ can be considered successful, and its objectives, at least toward the victimized facility, fulfilled.” Report to Congress on Animal Enterprise Terrorism

“[Militant direct action tactics are] changing the kind of work people will do in the future. If students come to me interested in primate research, I would tell them to think about other things.”UCLA vivisector, Dario Ringach, who reluctantly abandoned nonhuman primate research in 2006 after relentless ALF attacks on his colleagues.

So next time a pacifist tells you that MDA “doesn’t work” and is “counter-productive,” tell them where to shove their ignorant, treacherous lies.

Love these Chinese activists! Please stop condemning the “barbaric Chinese” in racist generalizations. These activists have more courage than ten thousand Western activists, especially of the “vegan abolitionist” stripe, and cannot be applauded enough for their cutting-edge tactics, examplary use of direct action strategies, and reminding us what true “animal advocacy” means in practice — action in the streets, not e-petitions and pamphleting! Unlike Westerners, the Chinese animal rights activists get the fundamental point: you do not follow unjust laws, you break them! Your don’t watch a truck carry animals to slaughter, you stop it!

Hole in predator-proof fence at Mulligans Flat Sanctuary.

“In what’s been described as an act akin to ‘eco-terrorism,’ more damage has been done to the predator-proof fence at Mulligans Flat Sanctuary. The damage appears to have been made by a rogue group of activists – with Animal Liberation ACT again denying any involvement.” Full story HERE.

by Adrienne Francis (ABC News)

There is growing outrage in the community over ongoing vandal attacks and death threats issued to Australian National University researchers.

But anti-kangaroo cull protestors say they are unrepentant and have nothing to lose.

A spokeswoman from the Australian National University says anti-kangaroo culling protestors verbally intimidated and prevented research staff from leaving the Mulligans Flat Sanctuary in north Canberra on Sunday.

The university says the researchers were tracking Tasmanian bettongs and had nothing to do with the ACT Government’s annual cull of kangaroos.

ANU says its researchers should have the right to carry out their work in a safe and secure environment.

Ranger in charge Peter Mills says the ongoing vandalism is heartbreaking and he is outraged scientists have also been harassed and intimidated.

“The protesters vehicle blocked the sanctuary gate and they gestured to them like, we are going to cut your throat,” he said.

But Animal Liberation’s Carolyn Drew says the hostile exchanges are justified.

“It can be defined as intimidation, but I think it is more direct speaking,” she said.

Ms Drew says she doesn’t think protesters will jeopardise the credibility of the anti-kangaroo cull movement.

“I don’t think anything really damages our cause because we are the minority in this country,” she said.

“So we really have nothing to lose in terms of status because we don’t have any status in this country.”

Scientists optimistic

Meanwhile, scientists say they are optimistic all 17 of the Tasmanian bettongs recently released in a Canberra sanctuary are alive, despite vandal attacks to the predator proof boundary.

It comes as police assess the damage and investigate the incident.

The Tasmanian bettongs were released into the Mulligans Flat Woodland north Canberra last week, marking the first time in a century that the rabbit-sized kangaroos have set foot on the mainland.

Vandals have since cut the sanctuary’s $1.3 million predator proof fence in at least 30 locations and destroyed padlocks.

Professor Tony Peacock says they may be forced to relocate the bettongs to a safer location.

“It is a world leading research site,” he said.

“It relies on the fact that the Tasmanian Government lets us bring these bettongs up here and that’s been put in danger by this stupid, stupid behaviour.”

There are no reports of foxes inside the sanctuary at this stage, however rangers are continuing baiting and surveillance for feral animals.

Professor Peacock says feral animals form a threat to the bettongs.

“Some of them have pouched young and one fox coming in for one night is enough to kill half those,” he said.

But Animal Liberation ACT is pledging ongoing civil disobedience to coincide with the cull of 2,000 kangaroos in the Territory.

The organisation has claimed responsibility for unearthing and photographing remains of culled kangaroos at two sites in Canberra over the weekend.

However, it is not known who sabotaged security and cut the predator proof fence surrounding the sanctuary at Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve.

The scientific board that oversees the sanctuaries management says it is considering offering a reward for tips offs about the vandal attacks.

Animal Liberation’s Carolyn Drew says she is sympathetic to vandals’ motivation, concerned about kangaroos trapped inside the sanctuary.

“I can understand the concerns at Mulligans Flat for the bettongs,” she said.

“The problem with that is that they are not equally concerned with the threat that they pose to the eastern grey kangaroos that are actually enclosed, that can’t get out and no kangaroos can get in.”

Police are calling for anyone who witnessed suspicious activity in the area over the past few nights to come forward.

“You can’t separate peace from freedom, because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.”-Malcom X

Blendeskil is a cutting-edge hardcore band that promotes radical politics and animal liberation. As the video above illustrates, they have taken the message of militant animal liberation, captured it in song, and are bringing it to the masses. Dr. Steve Best & Blendeskil will tour in September.

To download Loser, click HERE.

On October 14, 2011, Italian activists occupied the roof of the beagle delivery unit at Green Hill (Marshall BioResources), Europe’s largest farm breeding dogs for vivisection. Currently in the UK, the farm’s sister company – B&K Universal – are attempting to gain permission to construct a facility holding 2,000 beagles for laboratories. On April 28, animal liberationists launched a bold raid which, despite losses noted below, was a clear victory and set a new precendent Italian activism and, along with the amazing Chinese activists who have stopped trucks carryinmg hundreds of dogs to the slaughouse, let us hope the global animal liberation movement is turning a corner away from pacifism — technically, passivist non-resistance and collaborationism — toward militant direct action and animal liberation by any means necessary.

The Green Hill beagle liberation has made major waves in the Italian mainstream media; see:





Cops arrest 12 activists, 7 still held, servants of the state and ultimate slaves to capital, cops return 7 of 30 liberated dogs to their tormentors in white suits; all animals freed from the budgeons of the phamaceutical-industrial complex noted to have strong smell of urine and one puppy bore the scar of an incision running the length of his abdomen (see the Examiner story).

“Anonymous” threatens retaliation for arrests and return of some dogs to their executioners, sending this message to  a fur company and to the Italian state: “Attack of the site SD Fur: Anonymous has made an attack against those who derive profit from the blood and the suffering of animals. We intend to support with our means of speciesism and the victims of human cruelty. We want to raise awareness about the daily barbarism that are committed in the name of profit and bloody fashion, these animals are blinded and deafened before their death. These are innocent victims, and we will send a clear message to perpetrators. This is just the beginning.”


Anonymous OpSaveAnimals # # # OpItaly Operationgreenrights


1) Phone number and email of Brescia cop station where the GH7 are being detaineed:

+39 030 37441 


Call to demand the release of the GH7 and the dogs that were recaptured; via email, send this message: Per favore Liberate gli attivisti arrestati a Green Hill  (“Please free the activists arrested at Green Hill”)

2) Sign a petition demanding the release of human and nonhuman prisoners held at/by Green Hill Labs and the Italian state.

3) Support the ban on breeding vivisection animals in Italy

4) Continue to monitor important events and news, such as at:


International Day of Action to Close Down Green Hill



This beagle is safe tonight and will likely never agained he hated and tortured, only loved and comforted.




Giornale Di Brescia
Saturday, April 28, 2012

They have broken through or climbed over the gates networks. They made their way inside the farm and opened the cages, taking away puppies, pregnant and all the little dog beagle who managed to find. It ‘s over a raid in the breeding of dogs to search for the event organized by Occupy Green Hill to ask – again – the closure of the ownership structure of the American Marshall.

The procession started from the parking lot of PalaGeorge, was attended by about 1000 people came from all over North Italy and also from the center. By way of the Craft sepentone deflected Instead of going towards Via San Zeno, the main road leading farm where he was deployed the cordon of police, groups of protesters have cut through the fields and the lanes, coming close to the fences.

From then on, the situation has become confused with groups of demonstrators who tried to open gates in the perimeter and teams of mobile riot police and police deployed to contain them. On the side of the gates, however, the protesters have opened a breach in the fence and broke into the farm, going into the sheds and taking away at least thirty dogs.

At the end of the day, the police had arrested 12 people from the local police station Montichiari were transferred to Desenzano. Some protesters said they had suffered violence by some officials.

Video here and here and here

Facebook Page

Occupy for Animals:

Green Hill 2001 is a company located in Montichiari (Brescia), which breeds beagle dogs to vivisection labs. From this farm, more than 250 dogs each month end in the enclosures, in the hands of vivisection and operating tables.Dogs are born to die and sentenced to suffer.

After the collapse of the other Italian breeder of laboratory beagle dogs, the Morini Stefano di San Polo d’Enza, it is likely that Green Hill has had a greater demand, expanding and becoming one of the main breeding dogs in the European market research animals.

Inside the Green Hill 5 huts are locked up to 2500 adult dogs, plus several litters. A lager made of animal shelters closed, aseptic, without open spaces without natural light or air. Rows and rows of cages with artificial lighting and ventilation system are the environment in which these dogs grow before being loaded onto a truck and shipped to laboratories in hell.

Among the clients of Green Hill, there are university laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and renowned trial centers as the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences in England, the largest laboratory animal torture in Europe.

Those who derive profit from this pain?

For some years now Green Hill was acquired by an American firm called Marshall Farms Inc. Marshall is a name infamous throughout the world as it is the largest “factory” dog lab exists. The Marshall beagle is actually a standard variety.

Marshall’s dogs are shipped by air all over the world, but with the purchase of Green Hill as the European headquarters and the construction of a huge farm in China, Marshall is pursuing a plan of expansion and market monopoly.

In this must also be seen that the expansion project includes the construction of other shelters in Montichiari, to arrive at Green Hill have 5,000 dogs on the farm, which would become the largest breeding beagle dogs in Europe.

For a price from 450 to 900 € you can buy dogs of all ages. Who is willing to pay more can also buy a pregnant mother.

Green Hill Farm and Marshall also offer its customers on demand surgical treatments, including the cutting or removal of the vocal cords of some glands.

For Green Hill and Marshall Farm animals are just merchandise, objects to breed and sell, without the slightest scruple about pain and suffering – mental and physical – that they will suffer.

Where is Green Hill?

Green Hill 2001
Via Colle San Zeno 6
25018 Montichiari (BS)

Tel: 030 9961244
030 962061
030 9651902
Fax: 030 9659420

Mail: info@greenhill2001.com



There was a similar daytime (dusk) liberation at Regal Rabbits farm in England, a bold and successful mass liberation action done by 75 people, as documented in Behind the Mask: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we1-NROdQs8&feature=relmfu

Dogs destined to be slaughtered and served up in China's restaurants were saved when the truck transporting them was intercepted by animal rights activists

by Lee Moran (Mail Online)

Dogs destined to be slaughtered and served up in China’s restaurants were saved when the truck transporting them was intercepted by animal rights activists.

The vehicle, carrying 505 canines packed into just 156 tiny cages, was stopped on Yunnan Province’s highway from Fumin to Kunming after other drivers spotted its sickening cargo.

A number posted pictures and comments about the load on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Weibo, prompting the police to stop the lorry at the next toll gate.

A total of 505 desperate-looking dogs were packed into just 156 tiny cages

It was then directed to a nearby police station where animal lovers, alerted to the news over the internet, began to arrive.

Sadly, due to the terrible conditions a number had already died by the time they were discovered.

One activist said: ‘They were cramped together. A cage could be stuffed with seven to eight. Our hearts were broken in seeing that.’

Volunteers removed the cages from the lorry and spent the night feeding, watering and treating the animals.

Horrifyingly, officers from the local Animal Inspection Department investigating the matter discovered that the transportation of the dogs was legal.

The person who owned them did indeed have a licence and police were unable to act despite suspecting the dogs were headed for dog meat restaurants.

Another activist added: ‘We can’t stop them from eating dogs, as we don’t have an animal welfare law. We just hope the government could stop dog mongers from doing dog business.’

However, a private dog rescue centre then stepped forward and brought all of the dogs off their owner for 60,000 Yuan (£5,900).

The animals will now be cared for until new owners can be found for them.

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