Monkeys apparently have identified the enemy primate who is encroaching on their territory and exploiting and killing other primates for entertainment, “research,” and bush meat. The articles below provides some provocative evidence than other animals are intelligent, rebel against human dominance, attack humans with violent intent, and do so in deliberative and reflective ways. 

From my own experience in visiting South Africa on numerous occasions, I can confirm that baboons are crafty, cunning, strong, and formidable animals who do indeed invade and ransack homes, steal food, pounce on cars, and attack if provoked or angry.

May this be the beginning of an advanced struggle that topples the Human Reich and returns the planet to the control of superior primates, to the planet of the apes.

Primates of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your habitats, cages, and chains!

Connor Simpson, The Atlantic Wire, February 3, 2013

We always knew this day would come. Someone call Charlton Heston. The real rise of the planet of the apes has begun in Saudi Arabia. A group of baboons are terrorizing a village with coordinated attacks on empty houses. The Arab News reports a “minor war” has broken out between the residents of the village Kiad in Saudi Arabia, and the baboons that inhabit the nearby mountains. The baboons are intelligent and “easily match wits” with village residents, who said the baboons are operating according to “studied plans”:

“It’s a daily game of hide and seek. The baboons are targeting empty houses and are well aware of what they are doing. The assault on the village is not random, as some believe. They proceed according to studied plans. That’s why their attacks do not fail. For example, imagine a resident who is absent from their home for a period of time. Even though it’s just one day, he is surprised to return to find his home in disarray.”


The baboons normally live in the mountains, but they come down into the village to look for food in the winter. Some residents believe the market, where fresh fruit and vegetables are sometimes left out to rot, is what draws them to town. At one point, Kiad residents tried leaving behind poison bananas, but the monkeys figured out what they were doing and stopped eating them… 

Now, there’s no reason to panic yet. But rumors of revolution began earlier this week when a group of monkeys ransacked a town in Indonesia. There does not appear to be a connection between the two attacks. It’s totally random that two groups of moneys have waged attacks on humans within the last week. They are unconnected, unrelated events. There is no sophisticated crime syndicate being coordinated by a hyper-intelligent leader primate, like, say, prominent Justice League villain Gorilla Grodd. Just totally random. Yep, no monkey uprising here.