“Damaged people with nothing left to lose are your worst nightmare.” Camille Marino, Facebook, June 20, 2014


People often ask where have I been over the last few years. I have published a new book, and I have overseen the translations of it into German, Italian, and, soon, Greek. I remain largely absent from this blog, and I am gone from toxic social media altogether. I do, however, continue to work as I try to find peace in my life, while my family and I still endure the ongoing (6 relentless years now) assaults and defamation from a disturbed stalker (see my earlier post). Years ago, my fiancé and I predicted this stalker would go to any lengths necessary to lie and discredit, and she has.

For the sadistic and severe injuries she caused me, my stalker spent 179 days in jail and was temporarily banned from the Internet, as she was obviously incapable of using her vaunted “free speech” rights responsibly. It is for good reason — after 4 separate courts and 8 different judges all ruled against her — that she lost her appeals all the way up to the New Mexico Supreme Court.  Still, incredibly, insatiable in her hatred and obsession, undeterred and unrepentant in her lies, she insists on dishing out even more abuse and harassment, all to the glorious goal of her own self-advancement on my name and her main “activist” project for the last 6 years — to “destroy” me.

Years ago, I warned the movement that there is an agent provocateur in our midst, a quintessential COINTELPRO operative, one who currently is encouraging everyone to turn on friends, name names, betray political principles, and “out” one other in order to purge the movement and represent itself in pure “truth.”  Such an person has emerged in the most dangerous possible form.

The following words are from my lawyer, and I will likely return again here to speak on the nature and background of this appalling woman and her multiple crimes against me:

“Camille Marino has made serious allegations against Dr. Best in numerous publications and is threatening more to come. He cannot presently speak on his own behalf because of current and anticipated court proceedings. Dr. Best will issue a full and complete refutation and rebuttal when he can speak for himself. Until that time, he completely and unequivocally denies everything Marino alleges.”

-Jerold D. Friedman, March 14, 2018 (lawoffice.jdf@gmail.com)