Willis, the King of Kings, the Quintessence of Cat, the Love of my Life, my Son, my Boy, my Soulmate. There is no greater love than what we shared.

He was brought to me in a paper sack in Fall 1999, liberated from the local “humane” society before they could kill him and two other gorgeous kittens. I bottle fed him as he grew into the most “beautiful boy” I have ever been blessed to know. He taught me the meaning of love, loyalty, and friendship.

Thank you Alafair for the lovely videos of Willis.This is a fitting tribute to a God and Angel in black fur, a gift from the universe that has blessed my life and filled me with light and love amidst a dark and empty void. I love you Willis, you will live in my heart and soul until the day I die, and the best of me dies with you. I will never forget you.

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