A little Wild Justice always makes my day. Even though this was only a single act of a brave Kudu, and a minuscule counter to the ever-escalating human war on animals, it is an exquisite example of micro-resistance, such as animals unleash on humans everyday throughout the world.

But let us never fantasize the animals can liberate themselves through just attacks, counter-aggression, and defensive violence;. The longest and most barbaric war ever — the human war against animals — must become a two-sided war. Animal liberation can only be achieved when enough humans say Ya Basta! and destroy the destroyers by any means necessary.


AllAfrica.com, June 12, 2012


MURURANI – A 44-year-old man was killed by a kudu that he was trying to kill with an axe at Mururani village, south of Rundu, on Saturday. The man had caught the kudu in a wire trap.

Police Deputy Commissioner Willie Bampton said the deceased was identified as Johannes Wihinda, a resident of Mururani village. One of the trapped kudu’s horns penetrated the left side of Wihinda’s chest while he was trying to bludgeon it to death.

Wihinda died on the spot.