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The following report of the government repression encountered by an activist crossing the Canadian border was reported by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office on May 25, 2012:

Another report of activist harassment at the border just in.

“I was denied entry into Canada yesterday after arrival. The Canadian Border Security Agency interrogated me for over an hour about my past and also about animal rights organizations they had information I was a member of a particular animal rights organization. After denying everything they took me into custody and held me for the next flight back to the US (which was in another 4 hours).

US Homeland Security Officials told the Canadians they wanted to interrogate me before I left Canada.  They brought me in for interrogation, seized my phone and copied its contents, took 3 camera memory cards inside my cameras and copied those, and took my laptop and copied the hard drive.

They then interrogated me on the contents of my phone (names, numbers, and pictures). They said if I continued not to be completely cooperative they would detain me for 3 days and no one would know where I was. They took photos of different items in my luggage (incl. a Walter Bond shirt) and a book entitled “Muzzling A Movement” and questioned me for over an hour and a half before releasing back to the Canadians.

Under escort of four Canadian Border Security Services Agents, they put me a plane bound for Chicago (not even close to where I live).

This just happened yesterday!
In solidarity!”

Please note that there is never a requirement for you to speak to any law enforcement agent about anything, other than possibly giving your name, and this includes the thugs at the border. They usually threaten you with prolonged detention, but in our extensive experience, this has not happened. Once they realize you are not going to talk, the can’t wait to get rid of you. Sometimes you even get through the customs and immigration line faster! For more information, read this.

Remember that the more effective we become in resisting the current culture, currently in the process of exploiting animals and destroying the planet, the more repression we can expect by those in power. Our mission is to stay strong, stay active, and get smarter and more effective, so that one day we will prevail against those who would destroy everything beautiful and wonderful about the planet we live on.

North American Animal Liberation Press Office

“When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun that she will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a person saying he wants freedom, but in the next breath she is going to tell you what she won’t do to get it, or what he doesn’t believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn’t believe in freedom. A person who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to acquire…or preserve his freedom.”– Malcolm X

Contact: (213) 640-5048
Animal Liberation Press Office
3371 Glendale Blvd. #107
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Lovers of irony! — Relish this! A sociopathic mass murderer and whore for the fur industry condemns the “ALF” (seems like a pretty tepid version of ALF tactics described below) for being unreasonable, criminal, violent, and irresponsible thugs, as this fascist fuck attempts a lame legitimation of an unspeakably violent and utterly gratuitous industry that traps, neckbreaks, gasses, and anally electrocutes a prodigous array of animals for profit, vanity, and status symbols. 

Apparently the “thugs” who rightly have no faith in the efficacy of education, persuasion, and legislation forget that only animal exploitation industries can contemptuously dismiss reason, logic, and informed debate. Only speciesist industries and the purveyors of the animal holocaust can bypass a dialogic and democratic process irredeemably corrupted by graft, influence peddling, naked power, and total domination of state policies. Only the functionaries of institutionalized massacre can cynically appeal to “rational” norms and processes they revile but exploit as a discursive smokescreen to lure activists into a talking game while the killing games continues unabated and always will so long as activists talk rather than balk. Only sick, violent, and perverted monsters posing as responsible and civilized members of society can invoke the mythical “democratic” institutions of degenerate barbarism to demonize those intelligent enough to recognize the siren song of “dialogue” and the byzantine webs of state bureaucracy that exist to sanction murder and imprison those who challenge a planetary pogrom backed by the full force of the police state.

Breath deep: bullshit rarely is as pungent and odoriferous as what is served to you here….


Re: Activists target fur stores, May 24

The vandalizing of several Vancouver businesses last week was an attack on our democratic values and should be a matter of concern for all citizens, whatever their personal opinions about fur.

No one is obliged to wear fur in Canada. Nor is anyone forced to wear leather or wool, or to eat meat or drink milk, all of which are opposed by “animal-rights” purists. Animal activists are free to wear pleather and to eat tofu.

But this is not good enough for self-appointed Animal Liberation Front vigilantes, who believe they have the right to impose their values on every-one. If others don’t agree with them, they believe they have the right to destroy their property and to ruin their businesses.

How far would they go? The spokes-person for the ALF press office has said an effective way to stop the use of animals in medical research would be to assassinate some researchers.

The people working in the Canadian fur trade are proud of this remarkable heritage industry.

Farms in B.C. produce some of the finest (and highest-priced) mink in the world, something that can only be achieved by providing excellent animal-welfare standards.

The Canadian fur trade is an excellent example of the responsible and sustainable use of nature, a principle supported by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and other leading conservation authorities. We recognize that activist campaigns have created confusion about the role of fur, and we are ready to discuss all aspects of our industry at any time.

We all learn from discussion and debate. But the ALF is not interested in dialogue or mutual respect. Their breed of thuggish demagogy should be condemned by everyone who values our democratic values and freedom of choice.

Alan Herscovici Fur Council of Canada [Professional Prick and Don of Douchebags]

Fox being prepared for anal electrocution

Deranged fur farming fucks “vandalize” a sentient being with an electrified rod before murdering another innocent
Fur Farms (video)

by Steven Best


I. Introduction: The Great Transformation

We’re in the midst of a great transformation as momentous as that which produced capitalist modernity. Like (eighteenth through mid-twentieth century) modernity, three main engines of change drive postmodernity: science, technology, and capitalism. Once unleashed without restraints in the modern era, they produced perpetual changes and innovations, which in turn created profound resistances.

The same dynamics that drove the modern adventure propel the postmodern adventure, but the co-evolution of science, technology, and capitalism create a qualitatively new world and with it new paradigms of art, theory, science, and reality itself.

We are quickly morphing into a new biological and social existence that is ever-more mediated and shaped by phenomena such as computers, mass media, and biotechnology, all driven by the logic of capital and a powerful emergent technoscience. In this global context, science is no longer merely an interpretation of the natural and social worlds; rather it has become an active force in changing them.

Postmodernity is characterized by novel phenomena such as electronic media, computers, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, cloning, stem cell research, and synthetic biology, all developed in the context of the global reorganization of capitalism. Our world, moreover, is marked by increasingly rapid and radical change.

If as Max Weber and Jurgen Habermas have noted, modernity is a differentiating structure that separates different realms of thought and social life, then postmodernity is a dedifferentiating or implosive structure. Parallel to postmodern philosophy, postmodernity elides key dualisms and boundary lines that have been fundamental to Western thought and culture, but does this more radically by working at a level of practice that transforms not only ideas but the world and the Western reality principle itself most generally. Classical distinctions between subject and object, human and nonhuman, organic matter and inorganic matter, the natural and artificial, the born and the made, and biology and technology, have been erased.

The postmodern adventure is all about transgressing boundaries and limit conditions, but some are crossed at great peril. Our world, moreover, is marked by increasingly rapid and radical change, but these mutations bring both potential risks and benefits that need to be sort out as key traps and dangers need to be anticipated and avoided. Ultimately, the design we are speaking about here is the design – or re-design – of the entire natural world, from microorganisms and plants to animals and human beings – and some things like synthetic biology we are designing virtually from scratch.

In the last few decades, we have witnessed dramatic implosions between biology and technology, such that animals and human beings are being technologically redesigned and reworked through technology (e.g., genetic engineering, cloning, and cyborg developments in the human body), as technology increasingly takes on organic or human properties (e.g., DNA computer chips, artificial intelligence and self-organizing computer systems, increasingly lifelike and emotionally interactive robots). In a world of Petri dish babies, neural implants, virtual reality, nanotechnology, neural implants, wearable computers, bionic implants, modified genes, designer species, human-animal chimeras, and artificial intelligence and life, reality has morphed into surrreality and science fiction becomes science fact. Science and technology undermine the erection of any firm boundaries between reality/unreality, natural/artificial, inorganic/organic, biology/technology, human/machine, and the born and the made. Between the revolutionary developments of quantum mechanics and the practical transformations effected by technoscience, reality just ain’t what it used to be. For many the age of humanism is over as well, we are rapidly morphing into a new posthumanist/transhumanist condition.

Through both empirical mappings and the works of science fiction visionaries, I will chart a number of implosions that call into question human identity, traditional mappings and boundary lines of Western reality. The ambiguity of the present moment is that the science and technologies which could bring stunning benefits to the humanity race also engender new forms of domination and destruction. The outcome depends upon whether individuals and communities can democratically restructure society and culture to avoid the destructive consequences of uncontrolled growth and development.

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