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One of my favorite activists ever is Sybelle Foxcroft, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Sybelle is a fearless defender of animal rights, working specifically in the area of wildlife protection and education. She has done a number of amazing projects, including her expose of the cruelties Buddhist monks (!) inflict daily on the tigers imprisoned as spectacles in one of Thailand’s most popular tourist stops, Tiger Temple. She documented this farce and tragedy on film (for the first of many installments online, see here) and wrote a spellbinding book, entitled,  Behind the Cloak of Buddha: A True Story of Endurance.

Sybille runs an amazingly informative website, called cee4life, and she is currently involved in a hugely important project, whereby she blends diplomacy and no-bullshit accountability to force the huge paper company, Asian Pulp and Paper (APP), to adopt more sustainable and environmentally sensitive approaches to their hitherto unbridled exploitation of Sumatran rainforests. Those quick to denounce this as meaningless reform, collaborationism, or greenwashing do not know Sybelle Foxcroft, nor do they understand the realities of corporate exploitation of Sumatra’s rainforests enough to recognize a strategically sound strategy to salvage habitat and wildlife in this beautiful country. 

As Sybelle explains, by way of introducing a video she just shot that depicts the plight of ecosytems and animals in Sumatra: “There is a massive loss of species occuring around our earth. Something has to be done. One of the areas under severe threat is Sumatra. Deforestation is a major threat. APP has been under fire from large conservation orgs regarding their forestry practices. And while the big orgs and company fight, the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger, Elephant, Rhino, and many other species are being hunted on the ground. We must try something to save these animals. Cee4life met with APP. Here is a look into the areas of Sumatra, the animals, and the hope of implementing a protection area. If you want to save wildlife in these devastating times, you do what it takes to save them. Controversial, maybe from the human point of view, but from the animals, much needed help.”

Take the time to watch this fascinating video and to explore the great work this tireless and dedicated activist has done for animals throughout the world. Do all you can to support her vital work.

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