The following text is translated from the Greenhill campaign site in Italy.

fbr billboard edited by american activists

Simulposted with Negotiation Is Over

That the vivisectors are concerned about the amendment that could pass the Senate is not new. The various operations of Garattini and other vivisectors, advertising campaigns, press releases, all the evidence. But yesterday we had information of another move by the American vivisectors. The Foundation for Biomedical Research , the same who designed a pro-vivisection campaign we talked about recently, has sent to its members and supporters a newsletter about what is happening in Italy, seeking to put pressure on the Senate Committee XIV. From across the ocean is greatly concerned about and the reason is that even a small achievement as the prohibition of breeding of some species may be taken as an example to other European countries and, beginning to create serious problems to the lobby of Torture .

For this reason, the FBR, which is one of the most important lobby of vivisectors worldwide, calls on all supporters to send e-mail to Rossana Boldi (fourteenth President of the Senate Committee) , the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Europe.

Clearly we have moved the waters that were to remain quiet and now pharmaceutical companies, farmers, research centers and vivisectors are coalescing, still trying to keep science in a dark cage made of captivity and suffering for millions of animals. Even a small step towards an ethic of respect for other animals. And then tell us who want to return to the Middle Ages!

Below the full text of the English-version of the email that FBR certainly did not want to end up in the hands of animal rights.

The addresses to which FBR supporters are instructed to write:

Please Note: NIO has deleted the email addresses to prevent any accidental emails being sent


We understand that the vivisectors around the world can not silence the conscience of 86% of Italians said they were against vivisection!

Operation, We’re Mad is not over, you still hear your voice!


From: Foundation for Biomedical Research <info@fbresearch.org>
Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012
Subject: Follow-Up: ITALY – Biomedical Research and the Animal Rights Movement


We need your help…NOW!

Many of you have already sent an email, but if you haven’t already, please consider doing so.


All across the world, animal rights groups are launching campaigns designed to block biomedical research using animals.

There’s a comprehensive effort to block the air transportation of non-human primates. And now in Italy, Senators are close to passing a national law that would block the breeding of certain species of animals for research.

We need your help…NOW!

On February 2, 2012, the Italian Chamber of Deputies passed the law. Now the Senate will vote on DDL n. 3129 in the coming weeks.

Article 14 (part C) of this law states: “…to forbid the breeding of primates, dogs and cats destined to the experimental purposes as per letter b, in the whole of the national territory.” The European Union passed a directive that is intended to harmonize all standards for lab animals (Directive 2010/63/UE), yet Italy is going beyond that directive, so we must support the biomedical research community and do all that we can to inform the Senate and prevent this bill from becoming law.

PLEASE…we NEED each of you to send an email to members of the Italian Senate. Here are the 6 things you can do to help right now:

1) COPY AND PASTE the Italian and English message (messaggio) that follows.

2) FOLLOW your institutional policy for sending emails like this. Use your personal email account (if needed). Do not identify your company or your university, but identify your interest, that animal research is essential to your studies to find cancer treatments, or Parkinson’s disease, etc… (if your policy so allows).

3) USE the format below for both subject line and content. Our messaging is intentionally positive and affirming. If you prefer to write something else that is, of course, your choice.

4) SEND the email to SEN Rossana Boldi (14th chair of the Senate Committee), Renato Balduzzi (Minister of Health), and Enzo Moavero Milanesi (Minister of European Affairs):


SUBJECT LINE: The future of biomedical research in Italy – DDL n. 3129


Honorable Senator,

As a researcher I’m ‘following with great interest the draft law No. 3129 “Provisions for the fulfillment of obligations deriving from Italy’s membership of the European Communities – Community Law 2011 “currently in the Senate Policies Commission of the European Union. In particular, Art. 14, are contained the provisions transposing the European Directive 2010/63, which would be very disadvantageous for biomedical research. In fact, the implementation of these provisions would make it virtually impossible for many of the research currently underway at Italian and international, and frustrate the efforts made through the adoption of Directive 2010/63 by the Communities’ European Union, to harmonize standards and conduct of studies involving the use of laboratory animals. If these provisions were approved, in addition to the impact on Italian research, the success of the anti-vivisection movement in Italy would undoubtedly encourage similar efforts in other countries, using the Italian campaign as a precedent.

The drugs, therapies, diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines that we develop for pets, children, adults and seniors, all depend on the continuation of biomedical research. These times are exciting. Never in history have we been close to major breakthroughs that promise to improve the health of both humans and our animals. A discovery made in an Italian university now becomes another element essential for science and universities around the world.

I therefore hope that the rules contained in Art. 14 could be revised so ‘to make them compatible with the needs of biomedical research and also with the content and spirit of the European Directive 2010/63.

I have confidence in your continued support for biomedical research in Italy and worldwide.


5) SIGNATURE: If institutional policy with your employer allows you to identify your

job title and affiliation then please do so. If not, please use your personal email
account and use your best judgment with regard to describing your job affiliation
and title.

6) BLIND COPY (bcc) FBR info@fbresearch.org on emails you send to Italy.