The day the vegan and animal rights movements stop quoting only Dr. Martin Luther King, and start absorbing the vital message of Malcolm X as a crucial critical contrast and corrective point of view, is the day these movements will begin to grow from weak to strong. Malcolm X remains a hugely important and still largely untapped philosophical and tactical resource for liberation movements of any kind, the animal liberation movement above all.

Among other things, these videos clarify what he means by his (in)famous phrase “by any means necessary,” and he exposes the real violent forces in American society and the right of Black liberations to defend themselves from racist violence. He thereby brilliantly demonstrates the crucial difference between violence and self-defense.

Thus, I coined and argued for the notion of “extensional self-defense,” whereby animal libertionists legitimately assume the right and duty to defend innocent animals from attack “by any means necessary,” and I sharply distinguish this from what pacifists confuse and exploiters and cops denounce as “pro-violence.”

That is obfuscatory bullshit; this is straight talk and Malcolm X makes so many brilliant observations and dead-on points that you better grab a pen and pad of paper for notes and to tally the flurry of knock-out blows to dogmatic pacifism, which is nothing but the internalization of the State supergo and a manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome.

“We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent to us. But we are not nonviolent with anyone who is violent with us.” Malcolm X

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