A few visionary, motivated, and hard-working activists have put together an incredible and invaluable collection of resources, by way of a backbreaking labor of love. The editors at a site called “Conflict Gypsy” have hunted down, collected, scanned, and posted online a wide array of magazines and zines relating to direct action, animal liberation, veganism, radical environmentalism, and other movements and causes.

Without their commendable efforts, these invaluable historical resources might have been lost forever, but now exist online in one place for activists and scholars to study and use. The amazing collection of grassroots activists’ writings, accompanied by informative introductions and contextualizations, demand that the history of radical environmental and animal rights/liberation movements, at least of the last few decades, be revisited and most likely rewritten. For this site features personal, political, and historical accounts written “from below” as Marxists say, from activists and liberationists themselves, rather than from bourgeois academics unconcerned with, ignorant of, or contemptuous of the direct action, underground, and liberationist point of view.

As members of the collective write about their motivations, goals, and playfully cryptic name for the archiving project:

“Conflict Gypsy was a term coined by Fur Commission USA spokesperson Theresa Platt. She applied it to the supposedly rootless liberationists who traveled the country wreaking havoc on animal and extraction industries. Those same activists told their stories and spread their ideas through small press publications in the pre-internet era. These magazines, papers, and Kinkos-stolen photocopies present the story of our movement as told by the participants and offer an invaluable insight into our roots.

Due to the fragility of the media on which these publications were printed, low print runs, and activist turnover, the history of our movement is disappearing at a disturbing pace. Over the years, many activists have also seen their libraries confiscated by law enforcement, never to be returned. By creating high-quality electronic versions and distributing them freely around the world, we aim to prevent the extinction of these rare, crucial bits of our past. Everyone has a few old things sitting in a box in their basement. It’s time we put all the pieces together and started sharing.”

This informative, rich, fascinating, and reader-friendly site is an invaluable source of information that preserves the past and facilitates the construction of a far better future. Let us hope it is not too late for history to matter.

Conflict Gypsy Website: http://www.conflictgypsy.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/conflictgypsy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/196584613709482/members/

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