This is exactly the (a) type of militancy the animal rights movement is lacking, and why is it is so pathetically weak and cowardly in the face of an ever-growing animal holocaust. We have betrayed the noble, defiant, and risk-taking PACIFISM tradition of Gandhi and King to acquiesce to the weak, enfeebled, domesticated, agoraphobic, Stockholm-Syndrome suffering, consumerist PASSIVISM of today’s inactivist lifestyle “vegan abolitionists.” This is a betrayal to history and to the animals of the highest order, and we must revivify this corpse of collaborationism and pseudo-resistance! Here’s one way they break the spell in Spain, as Chinese activists are stopping trucks in the streets and liberating thousands of cats and dogs.


At present scores of activists encounter cases pending for peacefully defending animal rights. So far the sum of fines for some of the trials now number approximately 30,000 euros. The state repression against animal rights movement is and will increasing. In Equanimal we are convinced that this will not stop our efforts to achieve a better world for animals where respect and equality are the basis of our relationship with them. continue sabotaging the game, continue entering the animal holding facilities documenting what happens there and freeing the animals we can, we will continue breaking into those events which celebrate and encourage the exploitation of animals and will continue doing what we deem necessary. If so we must disobey the law will. So we need YOUR HELP. Support us in