With apologies for the anthropocentric and speciesist subtext, here is a classic speech by Charlie Chaplin, which comes at the end of “The Great Dictator” (1940), his first sound movie and greatest commercial success. In this film, quite daring for its time, Chaplin satirizes Hitler, Nazism, anti-semitism, and docile people controlled by totalitarian orders. In this scene we see Chaplin playing the character of a Jewish barber who, mistaken for the dictator of Tomainia (modelled after Hitler) takes the stage before a large audience and live radio broadcast, to deliver a stirring call for humanity to smash all dictatorial systems and build democratic societies. The sentiments expressed here are widely believed to be those of Chaplin himself and are of direct relevance today, at a time when Obama makes agressive moves to transform the US into a full-blown fascist society and the American military machine continues to wage war against peoples throughout the world.