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by Stephen Lendman (The Intel Hub)

Congress is now considering legislative language to mandate indefinite military detentions of US citizens suspected of present or past associations with alleged terrorist groups, with or without evidence to prove it. More on that below.

The 2006 Military Commissions Act authorized torture and sweeping unconstitutional powers to detain, interrogate, and prosecute alleged suspects and collaborators (including US citizens), hold them (without evidence) indefinitely in military prisons, and deny them habeas and other constitutional protections.

Section 1031 of the FY 2010 Defense Authorization Act contained the 2009 Military Commissions Act (MCA). The phrase “unprivileged enemy belligerent” replaced “unlawful enemy combatant.”

Language changed but not intent or lawlessness. Obama embraces the same Bush agenda, including keeping Guantanamo open after promising to close it, allowing torture there and abroad, and treating US citizens as lawlessly as foreign nationals.

MCA grants sweeping police state powers, including that “no court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or consider any claim or cause for action whatsoever….relating to the prosecution, trial, or judgment of a military commission (including) challenges to the lawfulness of (its) procedures….”

MCA scraped habeas protection (dating back to the 1215 Magna Carta) for domestic and foreign state enemies, citizens and non-citizens alike.

It says “Any person is punishable… who….aids, abets, counsels, commands, or procures,” and in so doing helps a foreign enemy, provide “material support” to alleged terrorist groups, engages in spying, or commits other offenses previously handled in civil courts. No evidence is needed. Those charged are guilty by accusation.

Other key provisions include:

  • legalizing torture against anyone, letting the president decide what procedures can be used on his own authority;
  • denying detainees international law protection;
  • letting the executive interpret or ignore international and US law;
  • letting the president convene “military commissions” at his discretion to try anyone he designates an “unprivileged enemy belligerent,” detaining them indefinitely in secret;
  • denying speedy trials or none at all;
  • letting torture coerced confessions be used as evidence in trial proceedings, despite US and international law prohibiting cruel and inhuman treatment at all times, under all conditions, with no allowed exceptions;
  • letting hearsay and secret evidence be used; and
  • denying due process and judicial fairness overall.

On May 21, 2009, Obama addressed national security and civil liberties issues, including Guantanamo detainees, military commissions, and torture.

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by Sybelle Foxcroft (Cee4life)

What I do in cee4life is to hunt poachers, usually of the tiger, and expose wildlife traders, along with conservation and environmental education.

However, I have a great deal of contacts who are in the field and when things get desperate they will contact me to put out my feelers to seek help for them. In regard to the these particular rhino, I have been able to get this information to an anti-poaching friend of mine in Africa who is now trying to get some help to the farmers.

You know from where I stand, fighting a war to protect our animals is not controversial at all. I have been a solider (medical sargeant) in the Australian army for 20 years, and these poachers are totally militant, and they are using military tactics, they will shoot to kill and have killed many people. My anti-poaching friends name is Damien Mander and he runs the IAPF in Africa. He is an ex-Australian soldier who trained troops in Iraq. He knows that he may be killed doing his work.

The threats dont get any more real than this, it is a war. There is no fluffy negotiations with these people, unless of course you have millions of dollars to give them.

There are people out there in the world that would like to think that conservation is all happy and cuddling animals or having a few harsh words while tying yourself to a tree, but that just isnt the case.

Numerous conservationists have been murdered or mysteriously killed, they just arent making the headlines. People might need to be reminded of the well known murders of Dian Fossey, or George Adamson, and then there are all the others, numerous anti-poachers have been killed, conservationists mysteriously disappearing and one such case strangely dying of poisoning etc. I have been working on a report to release to the people in regard to the deaths of so many conservationists, animal advocates, and anti-poachers.

My personal accountant with life threats came direct from inside the Tiger Temple, where I was told I would not make it out of Thailand. I had to contact the Australian Embassy who told me to they feared for my life and I had to run for 4 hours until I made it to Bangkok. And these people hide behind the monks robes and the buddhist faith. I have nothing against religion except for the people who use it as something that shields them from there vile acts.

There was no doubt that the Australian Embassy thought I would disappear off the face of the earth, and they told me this. I managed to record some of the threats though. I get threatened alot, usually from people who may have money to loose if a place of animal abuse is exposed.

I will have a talk to the person who is monitoring/protecting the rhinos over in hoedspruit, they currently didnt want their name known, however he may be interested in telling you about these things.

The majority of people who contact me asking me ‘what can they do’ have grown extremely tired of only being able to sign petitions or donate to somewhere. They are sick of giving and speaking and trusting in either Governments or conservation groups that claim to be saving these creatures, yet still species are spiralling into extinction.

There are some that have told me they are selling all their belongings and are heading to ‘shoot the poachers’ in places like Africa and India, because they have no idea how else to stop the slaughter.

There is a fast growing movement for hands on action, people wanting to band together and form small militant type groups to fight the poachers. That seems acceptable to me, except for the fact that most of these people have no military training, and the poachers do.

So unless someone has the guts to recognise the war that is raging for our animals, then it will escalate into a true war zone, and many lives will be lost.

And all of this is preventable.

It is easy for many to give in to the anger and devastation of the murder of our creatures, it is understandable. How many more slaughters and murders can people take before they break and hunt the hunters.

Many people forget that the Government is there to work for the people (well, most…) so this is a peaceful way of showing the Governments what the people want. And that is to get rid of the poachers, expose the medicinal myths of animal body part use TCM, and protect the last of the wild things.

But I dont know how long the ‘peaceful’ side will last.

A fire is raging in thousands of people and if it ignites, it will burn fiercely.

Follow the campaigns against student vivisectors (WOS) & animal experimentation at the University of Florida & HERE.

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