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From Canadians for Action on Climate Change

“Today’s youth have, not only a right, but a moral obligation, to rebel and destroy the current power structures that exist. This is necessary in order to salvage what is left of a raped and pillaged planet on the brink of ecological collapse. Martin Luther King once said that “you cannot commit an act of violence against a non-sentient object.” Today, police states and corporate controlled governments protect property, corporate interests, and industrialized economic growth over life itself. Drastic times require drastic measures; thus, our youth have the right to destroy the suicidal structures now threatening humanity. Echoing the words of Malcolm X, they must defend that right “by any means necessary”. And we must support them as they seize this right, for we have failed them.

Go forward in self defence. No longer can we passively witness the rape, abuse and desecration of our Earth Mother. No longer can we passively witness the exploitation, violence and oppression subjected on our brothers and sisters. In our fight for survival and for all life, love is the guiding principle, illuminating the centre of our struggle. We will not negotiate life. We reject all compromise. We will practise non-violence in the spirit of the Buddhist concept of aggressive non-violence understanding that one cannot commit an act of violence against a non-sentient object. Although we will exercise compassionate wrath, we recognize we have the right to defend ourselves and our Earth Mother. We intend to do so. Self-defence is not a crime. We will attack the economic system – as this is the only language it understands. We will collectively fight to reclaim our dignity and power. The burning flame at the heart of our fight for life will not be smothered, rehabilitated, co-opted, or psychologically marginalized. There will be no dilution of our fervour, no lowering of the flames, or any muting of our essential collective voice. And if our fire destroys, it is for the sake or protection and healing and bringing us together as one. Our love will burn brilliantly. The time is now.”

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“The modern American psyche craves violence because it is an act that expresses our inner rage. History vindicates the criminal. Folk heroes are nearly all bandits, thieves, criminals and miscreants. The true villains of history, and the present, are the law abiding citizens, the lawmakers and those that seek to uphold the laws in the form of policing, judging, imprisoning and punishing the outlaws. If we want to win hearts and minds, we must break the law, the standards and the norms. Violence does not alienate people, laws do.

We live in a profoundly violent society, both in America and in the world at large. To live within the standard American lifestyle is to bare witness to this violence, most times unwittingly, in every aspect of our social lives. We can not take part in market exchange without extreme violence having been part of the means of acquisition, production or movement of goods. It should not go without saying, as it must be repeated until it is truly understood, that our very way of life, including the land we occupy, is founded on a form of violence that is so complete that it is called a genocide. The efficiency to which we are violent only leads us to believe that the violence does not really exist, not as violence so much as progress. If headlines read of a workplace homicide, we shudder in cerebral fear, but of mass extinctions, oil spills, toxic poisoning of water, food and air, genocides and slavery, we react with political anger at best, never really able to comprehend the massively violent action that just took place. We may not digest, because the steady diet of it has numbed our senses, or because we have been alienated enough from the violence, that we can comfortably move on. Many of us have workplaces, and coworkers, who at any moment could let loose the final thread that binds them to placid existence, but we do not always live beside the killing fields of natural gas drilling, or oil fields so large they can be seen from space.

Distance makes pacifists of murderers.

The daily atrocities of civilized living have set the tone for complacency and dogmatic control. When things are at the tipping point, at the moment we begin to break, we can be reminded that we do not have it “as bad” as the other, without ever acknowledging that this way of life is holding the sword to “the others” throat. We are silenced, ignored, placated, marginalized and compartmentalized to the ends that we stroll along, allowing the abusers to work in “peace”, away from the rage they have worked so hard to dumb down within us. Make no mistake that this protects us from getting our hands dirty. This flow of violence will not stop, but build like puss under the scab and let loose upon any of us if we fail to recognize it’s source. The greatest trick of politics is to make you believe you are included, and your value then comes from the degree to which you participate. You will be used to meet the ends of the meme. The fervent nationalist does not just come with flags, but also with a dogma of superior non-violence. This could be called the outsourcing of violence, as the violent way of life has never been disrupted, only outsourced.
If we allow the norms set by society to funnel our violence, we will, without fail, attack the vulnerable, the weak, the oppressed, the downtrodden. We will continue to attack women, the indigenous, black people, brown people, animals, the land, and children. And we do, daily. If we take ownership of our violence, we can harness it to attack the oppressors, the abusers, the powerful, the controlling, the dominant, and those on top who have perpetrated the greatest violence against us in history. This explains the massive push by those in privileged positions to vilify the violent dissenter. If the attack on the oppressed were to be reversed, the oppressor is not the only one to feel it’s force, but also those that benefit from the violent stranglehold the oppressor has had on the world will be forced to come into account. Take a few moments to listen to the song “Suggestion” by a band called Fugazi.”

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anonymous communique, from

“It was a silent night in the early hours of September 20th 2011, under a fine rain at the Santa Catarina Federal University (UFSC), Florianopolis, Brazil.

The ALF broke into the campus after cutting open the fence that separates it from the avenue.

After visiting the location where goats, birds, mice and dogs are held in captivity to be tortured and killed we visited the new building, still unfinished, where the entire biotery ‘would’ be transferred to. Many torture equipments were already being stocked inside the new building.

This was not our first visit as this action has been planned during several months.

At 4AM of this glorious morning, we poured a few gallons of gasoline and querosene over the expensive equipment just like we would water a plant to see it flourish. Blessed for destruction, the morning was then lightened with a simple match, letting the fire perform its duty in destroying that vile building.

We were sheltered by the neighboring forest that for long had witnessed the screams of the animals tortured inside that complex. Today they know their voices have been heard and we left them with our promise to come back, soon.

You may try to find us, but you won’t because the ALF is nowhere but yet we are everywhere.

You may have the law on your side, but we are the ones making justice.

You may try to justify your thirst for money and greed even when that means taking the lives of sentient beings, but we are the ones acting in the name of the truth.

You may try to forget your guilt as you try to sleep at night, but we are the ones who are awake guilty to sleep at night, but we will be awake and knocking on your door when you least expect it, at your university, at your work, on your homes.

We celebrate with this September 20th 2011 action the recent release of Kevin Kjonaas, the last SHAC 7 to be released, and dedicate it to all those who risk their lives and freedom to fight for the freedom of others.


ALF – Brazil”3

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