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Ah, Memorial Day. The day when Americans fire up the grill, slap an extra magnetic ribbon on the SUV and try to achieve that perfect zen state of drunkeness where they can actually sit through nine innings of professional baseball. Although hold on…I feel like there’s something I’m forgetting here beyond the day off work…oh, that’s right! Let’s not forget the true spirit of Memorial Day. The thing that holds our great country together in exhilirating national lockstep: celebrating the bad decisions made by young men who were either too ignorant to understand or too cynical to care about the consequences of their actions.

To quote Dave Trenga: this is the age faceless, nameless, endless war. The United States has been engaged in continuous military action since World War II, having bombed some 33 countries in that time. What does this have to do with veganism or agriculture? Well, as Mickey Zezima has been kindly reminding us all weekend, the United States military is the worst polluter on the planet. Unlike major corporations like BP or Exxon, the military doesn’t even have to maintain the pretense that it cares about the environment, much less make an effort to clean up the devastation it leaves in its wake.

Sustainability is a concern for us and a lot of our readers. We believe that, beyond supporting local agriculture, there is a bigger picture when it comes to the health and wholeness of the planet. If you regard yourself as an environmentalist or a supporter of animal rights, it is incumbent upon you to oppose war, not just symbolically but materially. What that opposition looks like is up to you but, if nothing else, just don’t work for them.

That means don’t join the service, don’t work for a reconstruction firm, don’t take their research grants, don’t build their machines and, if you’re clever enough to cook the books and get away with it, don’t pay the taxes that they use to keep the eternal war going.

If you have mourning to do today then by all means do it, and my sincere condolences to you. But just remember: we are all here on this planet together and what we do to the Earth, the animals and eachother, we ultimately do to ourselves. If humans are going to make it as a species, we need to make some radical changes in the way we allow our collective labor to be mobilized.

Here are a couple of good resources on the impact of war on nonhuman animals and the environment:

ANIMALS – The Hidden Victims of War

An useful overview of ecological fallout from specific 20th and 21st century wars as provided by, oddly enough, a Danish water treatment corporation.

If you want more detailed information, searching for the name of a war or conflict + “environmental impact” will usually bring up some good primary resources.


Overheard in a Squat somewhere in the world:“Fuck patriotism, multinationals, the US state, all states, and the us military-industrial complex! Fight for the billions of victims and minuscule squadron of liberationist soldiers under fire in the war to end. all wars! Stop the omnicide and bring our prisoners of war home from the prisons of the UK/US police states and speciesist-fascist states worldwide! If you are legalist, pacifist, and lifestyle “culinary activists” who denounce militants, liberationists, the underground resistance, and ending the holocaust by any means necessary, then you are with and part of the enemy forces and complicit in the most heinous and violent crimes in history. So shut up, stand back, and seek professional help for your advanced case of the Stockholm Syndrome and internalization of the State Superego!  If you demonize masked militants who risk it all while asking us to consider the “humanity” of vicious and implacable exploiters, you’re head is so far up your ass it cannot be extricated with chains and cranes, and you have joined their ranks and ought to be treated as such! J’accuse!” 

Vietnam to modernize its livestock industry

By Richard Smith on 10/7/2011

Vietnam plans to modernize its livestock breeding sector by shifting from household-based breeding to industrial farms, Vietnam News reported.

Modernization will raise productivity, efficiency and competitive capacity, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development’s Livestock Production Department director general said.


Hoang Kim Giao spoke in Ho Chi Minh City at a meeting with the international press, part of a program to promote Vietnam’s livestock and aquaculture industry, as well as an international exhibition on livestock, dairy, meat-processing and aquaculture (ILDEX Viet Nam 2012) to be held in Ho Chi Minh City next March. Giao said under the Viet Nam Livestock Development Strategy, the pig population would increase to 35 million by 2020, from 27.37 million in 2010. By 2020, poultry and milk cow herds were expected to increase to 410,000 and 500,000 respectively, he said.

The livestock industry targets production of 6.7 million tons of meat and 1 million tons of milk, and focus on quality development, not just quantity, Giao said. Under the plan, the industry also targets an increase in exports from 2015 onward, he said.

To achieve these targets, the livestock industry has encouraged investment in building industrial farms, slaughterhouses and meat processing factories with advanced technology to improve disease-control capacity, ensure hygiene and food safety, and protect the environment. Preferential policies will be offered to encourage individuals and corporations to develop livestock production and shift to industrial farming, including financial support from the state to build infrastructure, and enable longer land-lease terms and lower fees.


Download the introduction by Dr. Steven Best as an e-book:
The Animal Liberation Front: A Political & Philosophical Analysis

Buy your own copy:
Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals

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