“The disturbing question posed by IQ tests – are chimps cleverer than us?”


Apparently this reporter just caught wind of the animal rights and cognitive ethology revolution and is totally confused. What a stupid , speciesist conclusion, that we are superior to chimps and can experiment on them because we can build spaceships and they cannot; how utterly circular, question begging, and an irrelevant red herring point is this, as common a mentality it is. Difference is always turned into hierarchy and power, and never respected.

And why is the possibility chimps can be smarter than us in some ways, or even just intelligent, “disturbing”? Talk about Homo(sapiens)phobia, the fear there could be other forms of “intelligence” out there in the world. Maybe this guy is freaked because he saw the Return of the Planet of the Apes and is having anxiety over being an inferior primate and an evolutionary dead-end? Forget about the typical point chimps are smarter than a 4-5 year old child, I have studies showing chimps consistently outperform college students on analogy and spatial relations tests! Finally, after all this speciesist drivel, the reporter shifts ground, inconsistently but happily, to end on a positive final sentence.