We’re in this war, fighting omnicidal maniacs, trying to stop an escalating Holocaust, for the animals. This is serious shit, time to get clear on commitments and priorities, and no time for holding signs, having potlucks, or fucking around in any war; we must be ready to face any challenge, confrontation, or consequence, or you’re a Cuisinart narcissist and pacifst poser.

I respect many activists today, some in jail, some not, some dead, most alive. We’ve lost soldiers in this war, such as environmental and animal rights activists (mostly UK) like Mike Hill (killed in 1991), Tom Worby (killed in 1993), David Chain, and Jill Phelps (killed in 1995), all intentionally murdered by hunters, lorry drivers, and loggers. Nor can I forget the sacrifice and bravery of Barry Horne, who in 2001 died in a hunger strike, nor the fortitude of Dian Fossey, killed in 1985 for her implacable defense of gorillas against murderous poachers in conditions of real war.

But I typically find courage and inspiration in looking back on the life-threatening risks taken daily by the Freedom Riders in 1961 and the leaders of the civil rights and Black Liberation movement. I’m in constant danger of losing my job for speaking out unequivocally for militant animal liberation and radical social change, but I am not in danger of losing my life. Is anyone? I doubt it. Death threats and hate mail are a joke; we are not yet threatening enough to pose a serious threat and make this a two-sided war.

When the day comes than hundreds, thousands of us have to risk our lives to protect animals, and do, then we will have reached the level of struggle attained by the civil rights and Black Liberation movement in the 1960s, to name just two bold, no-compromising movements of the past few decades. And I should mention Brazilian rainforest activist, Chico Mendez, killed in 1988 by ranching, mining, and agricultural thugs; Ken Saro Wiwa, murdered in 1995 with 2,000 others in retaliation by the Nigerian government for challenging the hegemony of Shell Oil.

There are countless thousands of others risked and lost their lives amidst constant conditions of danger, so put your fear of being stopped by the FBI, arrested, or hassled in perspective, and live with boldness not timidity. The day our lives are at risk, is the day the animal and earth liberation struggles have been elevated to a higher plane and turn a largely uncontested Holocaust into a real war of resistance.

It is a day and season of my life I hope comes soon and I will relish, emboldened by the heroism and martyrs I from all walks of live who died on their feet and didn’t cower on their knees.

King hit it right on the head: “If a [person] hasn’t found something for which they will die, they are not fit to live.”

I would never die for Country, the Flag, and phony wars of corporate imperialism. But I would die for the earth,  the animals, and the comrades on the fronts lines.

Once you overcome fear, you are free, totally free.

Need inspiration? Watch this.Lose your fear: