According to a recent Worldwatch report: “In 2007, meat production remained steady at an estimated 275 million tons; in 2008, output is expected to top 280 million tons. Experts predict that by 2050 nearly twice as much meat will be produced as today, for a projected total of more than 465 million tons.2 For more than a decade, the strongest increases in production have been in the developing world-in 1995 more meat and dairy products were produced in developing than in industrial countries for the first time, and this trend has continued ever since.3 In fact, in 2007 at least 60 percent of meat was produced in developing nations” (​/5443).

Vegans: please can the victory speeches and facile head-in-the-sand optimism; we’re losing the war — badly — enough so I would call this a corporate massacre of our movement evident by our continued marginalization and by the DRAMATIC SPIKE in meat consumption worldwide, Stop with the self-congratulatory, daily backslapping on Facebook please, the level of denial and mass delusion in this “enlightened” movement is embarrassing. Sober up, get real, learn the grim facts, grasp the global picture, reinvent yourself, and prepare for war and a struggle more intense than you dare imagine is needed to end the insanity, horrific violence, and formidable control of this world by the corporate-state-military-media​ complex.

We need RADICALLY NEW AND INNOVATIVE strategies, our tactics so far are a miserable failure; we have pushed elitist, apolitical, and quasi-racist agendas; we preach to a miniscule crowd of the converted, and ignore the masses of people who are poor, of color, struggling working families, plagued with health problems, etc. We have failed to develop the full and radical social, political, moral, and ecological implications of veganism. But of course veganism is the bare beginning of the changes we need to make to reduce out ecological footprint, to overhaul the global agricultural system, to smash corporate power in favor of local autonomy and community power, and to stop the machines of omnicidal destruction, fueled by the nihilistic grow-or-die logic of capitalism and its incessant exploitative, development, accumulation, profit, and consumerist imperatives.

We need to rethink everything and completely reinvent this movement.