by Steve Best

on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 2:40am

It s laughable to consider PET(DE)A(D) or H$U$ “extremists,”
unless that it is, they are extreme propagandists and self-serving
bureaucracies who take photo opps to raise money, kill adoptable cats and dogs, and promote “humane killing” or “humane meat. H$U$, especially,
is an aider, abettor, and friend to industry and enemy to animals and militant activists, ” See Herbert Marcuse, One Dimensional Man, on
how the corporate-state co-opts its “opposition” so only the illusion
of conflict remains in a seamless and integrated whole of exploitation.

As Kafka said, “The world order is a lie,” military massacre in
spreading democracy and peace, right down to every last religious illusion,
corrupt corporate criminal, pathological political liar, legislative lackey,
jerk-offs of justice, and “animal advocates” (and superfluous
“critical animal theorists”) who do nothing but profit off the Animal

Allez tous vous faire foutre. Je vis et meurs pour les animaux, pour vous
mettre dans le cul vos putains d’aspirations carriéristes, d’ego et de fric.