by Steve Best on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 3:20am

 The only movement we have is a corporate-state collaborationist conspiracy to stop the movement for revolutionary change and the dismantling of the ideologies and institutions of speciesism. Censorship; introjection of the state supergo; the ubiquitous spread of the Stockholm Syndrome;  quaffing copious quantities of  Kool-Aid peddled by cultists and authoritarians whose goal is to promote quietism and depoliticize the politically explosive nature of veganism and animal liberation by domesticating it as a bourgeois, lifestyle-individualistic consumerism rather than ignite the powderkeg of rage and rebellion and liberate all animals from capitalism and hierarchical domination; the dogmatic promotion of an enervating rather than empowering pluralism; fear, total marginalization and insularity, and the attack on the vital work of the militants and underground—- this all does more damage our cause (and thus to the animals) than the corporate-state-military-media complex can at its most repressive, insidious, and effective.