This morning Dr. Steven Best was blocked from boarding a flight to the UK from Poland. When he arrived to check in for his flight from Gdansk airport to London Stansted, the woman who inspected his passport immediately contacted her supervisor who politely explained that the UK government is upholding its ban on him entering the UK and he would not be allowed to travel. He sent out a brief message from his blackberry that read:

“Blocked at Gdansk airport. Thank you Home Office for confirming the UK is a police state. Let’s see if you can block me through Skype and video now as well. You cannot and will not EVER stop animal liberation. You have just stoked the fire of resistance and shown the world yet again what fascists you are.”

Steve is currently on a tour of European countries, and once again it is only the UK which has decided that their citizens should be protected from listening to what he has to say.

Despite his ban being upheld, Dr. Best’s presentation in the U.K. is going ahead tomorrow via an internet link up.