Steve Best Leads an Anti-Vivisection Rally, Moscow 2008

Thursday May 12-Sunday 15: Luxembourg City

Sunday May 15-Friday 19: Bruges, Antwerp, Gent, Amsterdam

Thursday May 19-22: Luxembourg; International AR Conference:

Friday May 20: Lecture: “The Revolutionary Implications of Animal Standpoint Theory”

Saturday May 21: Panel Discussion: “Vegan outreach and Direct Action”

Sunday May 22: Lecture: “Animal Liberation and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Evolution”

Monday May 23: Paris, debate organized by the Political Science Institute ( Topic: “How Far Can We Go To Defend Animals From Attack?”

Tuesday May 24: Bordeaux, France; speaking at The Heretic Club


Thursday May 26: Toulouse, France; “Rethinking Revolution: Animal Liberation, Human Liberation, and the Future of Resistance,” activist radio station, Canal Sud (

Saturday May 27-Monday May 30: Aix-en-Provence, France

Tuesday May 31-June 4-10: Dresden, Germany

June 4: 1700: Wroclaw, Poland: lecture on “The Origins, Philosophy, and Politics of the ALF”

Tuesday, June 7: Krakow, Poland; lecture: “Animal Liberation and the Legacy of 19th Century Abolitionism”

June 8: Gdańsk, Poland: lecture: “Crisis and the Crossroads of History: The Need for a Radicalized Citizenry”

Friday June 10-14: GRAND FINALE: INVADE LONDON!! CHALLENGE THE STATE’S LIFELONG BAN ON ENTERING THE UK!* Public lecture: “Fascism, Police States, and Free Speech”; also: demo talk at protest rally

* For background on the lifetime ban from the UK for being a “threat to the public order,” see Steven Best, Banned in the UK: How the Home Office “Protects the Public Good”

Steve Best's last speech in the UK: Anti-Vivisection Rally, Oxford, 2005

June 15: Luxembourg flight home