by Steve Best, PhD

1) Matthew Scully, “animal advocate” and author of the much-acclaimed welfarist tract, “Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy,” is also a far right-wing republican and speechwriter. He not only wrote the speeches to elect George Bush to President, and the key addresses to the nation that justified the US invasion of Iraq, he crafted the September 2008 folksy speech for Palin that debuted this pathological animal killer to the nation as John McCain’s candidate choice for Vice-President. Scully’s way with words catapulted Palin into the national spotlight and made her America’s New Darling. (See my essay, “From “Dominion” To Domination: The Duplicity And Complicity Of Matthew Scully, at:

2) Since that moment, Palin has been a driving force in moving American discourse even further to the right and creating a hateful, authoritarian, fascist environment.

3) Sarah Palin had put a target on her website over the face of Arizona Congresswoman, Gabriella Giffords, which no doubt inspired a violent type like Jared Loughner to act explicitly on Palin’s implicit call to violence and murder.

4) On January 8, 2011, Loughner unleashed a hail of bullets, wounding Giffords and 18 others and killing 6, including a nine year old girl.

5) Therefore, I think it is entirely reasonable that Matthew Scully bears significant responsibility for this massacre, and this should help to show that animal liberation is not a big-tent, welcome-one-and-all club as prominent mainstream activists in this movement portray it to be. It is a left-wing movement that seeks to advance traditional left values such as democracy, rights, inclusiveness, and equality to nonhuman animals and thus transcending the arbitrary speciesist boundaries that have marred an otherwise progressive left tradition. Animal rights, and certainly total liberation, has nothing to do with right-wing, pro-capitalist, pro-militarist, pro-imperialist, and pro-fascist views.

Animal rights people go to jail for putting their abusers faces in a target, but they are advocating destroying the property of those who torture and murder animals for profit and never people themselves, let alone non-combatants not involved in perpetuating violence. Palin, of course is unrepentant, and has taken to playing the warrior or victim. But Scully, you’re the one I am targeting: an “animal advocate” who sold what microscopic principles you had, to write speeches for hunters, pathological animal haters, and fascists, you have blood on your hands, and the damage you have done unfortunately will reverberate in this sick culture for some time to come.