by Dr. Steven Best

The crisis is upon us, an evolutionary crossroads, and everyone is asleep and numbed by alienated labor and the mass media spectacle-sphere. We’re a failed species, we won’t make it, and will die with a long, slow, horrid whimper not a bang.

I’m in it to help those I can and leave something behind for the poor fucks who are the future generations, as they try to come to grips with our utter failures to wake up and respond to this omnicide and holocaust, and fight a hard but intelligent fight, rather that chant for peace and spread veganism to more white elites.

The world will go vegan, but not because of our movement, rather because of the massive crash, resource wars, scarcity and brutal global wars on the horizon. The global social and ecological system is unraveling before our eyes, and all the “go vegan” platitudes don’t amount to a damn thing without being attached to a fierce and implacable global resistance movement for total liberation.

The real spectacle is the raw obscenity of the failure of Homo sapiens and this “movement” which is so tethered to the machines of destruction, it is a lubricant not a friction. It’s revolution or ravage, and revolutions are not pretty or peaceful, and when push comes to shove and an ascending force tackles a decadent descending power.

But thanks to the passivists and the omnipresent Stockholm Syndrome mentality that has this movement captive, aided by cults and Kool-Aid drinking podpeople, we don’t have to worry about much bloodshed, people are marching quietly to planetary doom. Social and ecological collapse, the sixth great species extinction, extreme hunger, poverty, and suffering; capitalist commandeering of the planet….. and there’s not even anger. But I am consumed with rage, a fire of fury that fuels what little I myself can do.

Ahimsa, Namaste, Peace, Love, and Prozac: fuck these tranquilizers, rage against the machine…. and the dying of the light ..