Dr. Steven Best and Former ALF Prisoner, Brendan McNally, discuss animal militant direct action, anarchism, police states, prison, animal liberation and revolutionary movements. (Athens, Greece – June 12, 2010)

Special Thanks to Kostas Alexiou for translations, downloads, and radio instructions.

To hear it the radio station archive:

  1. Go here: http://www.radio98fm.org/index/index.php?option=comwrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=108&lang=el
  3. Click play on the first thing you see (it has steve’s name also)

Downloadable Links:

  1. http://radio98fm.espiv.net/EKPOMPES/13-6-09%20-%20syzitisi%20gia%20antispisismo%20-%20oiko98.mp3
  2. http://www.sendspace.com/file/6csaas
  3. αρχείο του 98fm